Why chase a little ball????

I’m often asked, “Why do you love golf so much?”

I really enjoy playing golf, particularly when things come together and I hit a few good shots in a row or make a nice putt.  But that isn’t my motivation behind playing and teaching golf, it’s everything else that goes along with golf.  My motivations include spending time with my family and friends, being outside, putting down my cell phone, testing myself by trying tough shots, not watching tv, having fun and LAUGHING!

I look back at my most enjoyable moments in golf and always remember those moments that I laugh and have fun.  In our Academy Classes this week (click here) we have been discussing expectations; the expectations of our athletes for themselves, of the coaches, of the class and our expectations of them.  The overwhelming response was they expect golf class to be FUN!  I love it, we have done our job to promote golf as a FUN thing to do.

Here are a few of my favorite golf memories;

  • 9 holes with my dad, brother and grandfather (my dream foursome).  It only happened once but I will never forget it.
  • Getting beat by my best friend shooting his career round
  • Beating my dad for the first time
  • Giving my daughter her first golf lesson
  • Trying to give my wife a lesson and breaking a window…….my bad (she can find a new coach, I’m not the right fit!)
  • Watching my son love grabbing a club and hit anything he can
  • Playing Wasatch State Park Golf Course in the fall, just do it…..
  • Late night putting contests using the headlights of our cars for light
  • Hearing about going to the golf course with mom, dad, grandpa, friends by my students.  Especially for the first time……this is what golf is all about!

The game means so much more than scoring low and playing well.  We can test ourselves, spend quality time with people, smell fresh cut grass and experience life.  Too many of us spend to much time on our cell phones, working and watching tv.  Golf gives us a great opportunity to interact with those we care about and get to know people.  A friend told me that the best way to get to know someone is to play golf and spend 5 hours with them, it is so true.

I’ve added a few pictures of some of my favorite golf moments.

DSCN4749I was “forced” to hit the tennis ball off the first tee.  Luckily Devin killed his drive so we were good!

image1-3Giving my daughter (Mira, with the pink tutu) one of her first golf lessons.

DSCN4841After golf can be just as good as during golf.  Many haven’t seen my dad like this but he has his moments…..


Taking Mira to her first golf tournament.  She had no idea what was going on but walked 4 holes with me and really liked the “girl in pink!”


Gotta start with the putts you can make.  Mira is teaching Sam how to putt….how cool is that!

image1-2Possibly my favorite golf picture I have.  My son Sam couldn’t be happier making a putt.

To sum all of this up, each of us have to know why we play golf.  Why we chase a little golf ball around and why we spend 5 hours on finely manicured grass fields.  The majority of us do this to have FUN, not to shoot our career low round.  It’s nice to play well but please remember why we play golf – It’s the greatest sport to get to know yourself, your family, your friends, and spend quality time with those you care about.

Remind yourself the next time you hit a poor shot, JUST LAUGH, you are out having FUN!

About Coach Matt

Class "A" PGA golf professional and GM of the Del Mar Golf Center, a Top 50 Practice Facility. My goals are to educate myself as much as possible about the game of golf and share that information. I hope to help golfers practice more effectively, transfer those skills to the golf course and enjoy the game of golf.

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  1. Rick Williams PGA

    Good stuff, Coach Matt. Golf makes memories, I know that.

    I never had the chance to play with my dad, but i have a picture of him on the 8th tee of the State College Elks Club from 1968 or so. I played my HS golf on that track. His finish and my finish look oddly familiar…..

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