My passion is to introduce the game of golf to young athletes in a fun and exciting manner.  I love the smile a young athlete has when they hit a great shot or make a tough putt.   Each player is different, each swing is different, and every player’s goals are different.  I will create a personalized program that will address your player’s physical movements, technique, equipment, practice regiment and how they handle themselves on the golf course.

My goal is to help young athletes understand the cause and effect of the golf swing.  As their knowledge increases we can evaluate their swing as a team.  The buy in and progress is so quick when a young athlete can tell me what they need to change.

The program is designed to prepare your athlete to go to the course and be successful.  Golf is a dynamic sport and incorporating a variety of training methods is vital to improvement and FUN!  I encourage my players to be athletically well rounded and participate in a variety of sports.

The golf swing is a complex motion that requires a player to be explosive and controlled at the same time.  The combination of movements that are necessary can be broken down into much more basic components.  We will evaluate your goals and create a customized program designed to meet this goals and make golf more enjoyable.

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