The New Year and Expectations

Each year I start off with noble and very aggressive goals, most of which I don’t reach or require far to many resources.  This year is going to be different.  I’m not going to focus on the outcome, I’m going to spend my time on the process and how I am going to get there.

My overall goal is to work on my golf game and lower my average score, but I’ve created multiple small and achievable checkpoints that will help me improve my game.  I typically shoot around 75 but have those rather rough days.  I’m working on a swing change and didn’t play well the other day….not well at all.

Checkpoints for the year

  1. Practice 156 times (45 balls and 10 min of short game)
  2. Workout 260 times (5 days per week)
  3. Play 30 rounds of golf
  4. Compete in 6 tournaments


My focus is on the process and journey I take to improve my game, I want to enjoy myself along the way.  I know I can achieve each of these goals and they are all realistic for me.  All of my checkpoints are broken down into monthly and weekly goals with a sheet for me to keep track.  I’ll check back monthly and make sure I’m holding myself to the journey.

About Coach Matt

Class "A" PGA golf professional and GM of the Del Mar Golf Center, a Top 50 Practice Facility. My goals are to educate myself as much as possible about the game of golf and share that information. I hope to help golfers practice more effectively, transfer those skills to the golf course and enjoy the game of golf.

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  1. Rick Williams PGA

    Reblogged this on mindbodygolf and commented:
    Hi Matt, I love the targets! Aggressive, yet doable. I’m more of a tinkerer when it comes to practice. I can either go for 10 minutes, feel like I accomplished something, OR get caught up in playing games with myself and get lost in the flow of something. I take it as it comes.

    But you….I like how you’ve written them down AND PUBLISHED THEM. Can we ask about them from time to time? I think it’s great.

    Do you listen to music when you practice?

    • Thanks for the comments Rick!

      I have not practiced much for quite some time and it is affecting my game so I’ve got to incorporate it into my regular schedule. Not much fun when you get over a simple 100 yd wedge shot and don’t really know where the club is, becomes depressing.

      Hopefully you will ask, a little outside encouragement is always a great thing.

      Music has never been part of my practice. I’ve spent so little time practicing that when I do my goal is to simulate the course as much as possible and I don’t listen to music when I play. How about you?

      Knee getting better?

  2. Matt

    I like your realistic goals. I to make a similar plan, but have not quantified the process yet. I would be interested to hear how things work out.


    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the comments. This week went well and hit my targets. I plan on posting regarding this every month to hold myself accountable.

      All the best,

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