How lucky am I ?

Golf has always been family focused for me.  My dad taught me to play (how cool is that), my most memorable round was with my pops, brother and grandpa and now I get to be involved with golf for a living.  I’ve never played for a living which is a totally different beast, something which I have a ton of respect for.  Having to make a five footer to pay rent would destroy me.  The most nerve racking putts have been to beat Mark Fernando for a few bucks, take a new golf shirt from Mike Gore or force Chris Lesson to re-work his entire set and replace his irons.

Today was awesome, I had a chance to work with our Marines from Operation Game On and Wounded Warrior Battalion West.  Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week, while it’s my Monday I really enjoy working with our returned Marines along with the big fella, Chris Lesson.

Check this out, always makes me take a few minutes and reflect on the freedoms we have.

On top of the boys this morning I was able to work with some juniors from Santa Fe Christian Middle School.  I remember my after school golf classes and the first “pro” I worked with.  Too bad I don’t have a golf car to take the kids out on, always my top golf camp memory.

In trying to bring this full  circle I just thank all of those who have played golf with me.  As I sit here with my 5 week old son Sam I just hope I have the chance to introduce him to the game, along with his sisters.  Golf is so much more than a game to me; it’s a great opportunity to build character, test yourself, achieve success, feel failure, overcome adversity and most of all have fun.

About Coach Matt

Class "A" PGA golf professional and GM of the Del Mar Golf Center, a Top 50 Practice Facility. My goals are to educate myself as much as possible about the game of golf and share that information. I hope to help golfers practice more effectively, transfer those skills to the golf course and enjoy the game of golf.

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  1. Matt

    You are so correct. I am grateful for golf everyday. Thanks to all those who keep our freedom save and to the sacrifice of the families for sharing their commitment.


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